Bob's Priorities

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I take seriously the responsibility of carefully guarding and allocating taxpayer dollars. During my tenure as Layton Mayor, we carefully budgeted funds and managed cut taxes, twice! As Davis County Commissioner I continue to watch over taxpayer dollars. Of the three largest counties in Utah, Davis County is the only one to not raise taxes. I believe in balanced budgets, supporting all levels of education, and fostering economic growth that benefits everyone.

Defend Hill Air force Base

Hill AFB

As your Representative in Congress, one of the issues that I will fight for is Hill Air Force Base. Not only is the base important to our economic well being, but it is a vital component of our Country’s security. As a member of the Utah Defense Alliance, I am well versed in the process to promote HAFB and secure its continued presence in Utah. The work to keep HAFB in Utah is ongoing. I have been fighting for the base since 2013, to that end, I have established a network of contacts in Utah, Washington D.C., and with military officials across the County. When it comes to protecting Utahns’ jobs at the Base, I know what to do, who to talk to, and how to be prepared for future base realignment and closure reviews.

Public Lands

Public Lands/Air Quality

Our public lands are unique and part of what makes us great. I am committed to keeping them publicly funded, and ensuring that Utahns are involved in their management so future generations can enjoy and benefits and variable use of these lands as we have. Utah must be able to manage its own lands.

Recently, our Legislature commissioned the Utah Roadmap to find solutions for addressing our pressing air quality and climate challenges. Along the Wasatch Front and in Cache Valley we struggle with serious air pollution problems. I support the legislative leaders in calling for a plan to fix our air quality.

Energy Development

Energy Development

Energy development in the Uintah Basin is of vital importance to Utah and to our Nation’s energy independence. I will work with government and community leaders in the Basin to promote that development. The extraction of oil from oil shale will be the future economic growth of Utah. Energy independence is critical to our Nation’s future energy demands and security.

Support Our President

Support Our President

I support our President and will continue working to further the priorities of Utah’s First District.

2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

I do believe that the Constitution is that divinely inspired instrument and those gentlemen who fought to make this happen and we’re willing to give their lives up to be able to support this constitution. I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment. I believe that we have should have the ability to defend ourselves, and that means our homes and our families.